Course Outline




Design Principles


Assignment Due

Aug. 29

Review Syllabus, Schedule, Introductions, Survey, Intro. to Mac




Aug. 31

History and background - graphic design

A Brief History (ppt)
A Brief History (pdf)

History of Graphic Design

History of Graphic Design - 1945 - Present

From Pencils to Pixels, Baron

Media History Timeline

What is Design?

Sept. 5

Labor Day No Class



Sept. 7

Using Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop palettes and tools

Resolution and Sizing, Cropping
File formats, Saving

Color and Swatches

Intro. to Design, Audience


Basics of Design- Chapter 1

Photoshop Handout

Photoshop Lesson 1-2


Sept. 12

Photoshop, continued

Working with Photos
Digital and Scanning

Basic Photo Correction

Working with graphics
Using Clip Art

Using Layers and Selections

Emphasis, Contrast, Balance




Basics of Design - Chapters 2-4

Photoshop Lesson 3-5


Sept. 14

Photoshop, continued

Masks and Channels

Retouching and Painting

Alignment & Repetition

Basics of Design - Chapters 5-6

Photoshop Lesson 6 - 8


Sept. 19

Photoshop, continued

Working with color, type, shapes

Pen tool and paths

Clipping paths



Flow, Images, and Color


Basics of Design - Chapters 7-9

Photoshop Lesson 9 - 11

Paths, Vectors, Text handout


Sept. 21




Photoshop Project

Sept. 26

Photoshop Wrap Up


Printing and Color Management



Quiz 1

Sept. 28

Adobe Illustrator

Tools, Selections, Shapes

Drawing and Painting

Transparency and Blending

Typography - typefaces, styles and families, spacing and alignment, type combinations

Basics of Design - Chapters 10 and 11

Illustrator Handout


Oct. 3

Adobe Illustrator

Layers and Objects

Working with Type

Logoes and Identity



Oct. 5




Illustrator Project - Make a logo

Oct. 10

Using InDesign

Tools and Features

Types of Design Projects


Basics of Design - Chapter 12

InDesign Lessons 1-2


Oct. 12


Working with text, typography, character and paragraph formats, threading


InDesign Lessons 3-5


Oct. 17


Working with color, lines, and shapes

Master pages and stylesheets


Intro. to layout

InDesign Lessons 6-7

InDesign Handout


Oct. 19


Creating Tables



InDesign Lesson 8


Oct. 24


Drawing graphics
Using transparency
Clipping and text wrap

Presentation process - mounting

InDesign Lessons 9-10


Oct. 26


Color Management
Printing; pdf



InDesign Lessons 12-15


Oct. 31




InDesign Project I - personal identity campaign due before class

Quiz 2

Nov. 2

Work on Projects

Magazine - covers, spreads, toc



Nov. 7

Work on Projects





Nov. 9

Work on Projects

Newspaper-story and page design;front page



Nov. 14

Work on Projects



Nov. 16

Work on Projects



InDesign Project II - layout project

Nov. 21

Guest Speaker - tentative

Kris Pauls - designer - Dana Publishing

Web Graphics-Photoshop/Illustrator





Nov. 23

Optional Class Day




Nov. 28

Web Graphics-Dreamweaver

Designing for the Web
Resolution, sizing

Basic layout; navigation

Print vs. Web

Dreamweaver handout


Nov. 30

Web Graphics-Dreamweaver

Designing an online portfolio



Dec. 5




Dec. 7




Web Project - online portfolio