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Videos and resources
Video: Download: The True Story of the Internet
Video: Did You Know 4.0
Video: The Machine is Us/ing Us
Business Week Report on the Future of Social Networking
Video: Mark Zuckerberg on ABC News
Video: Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes
Video: Remix Manifesto
Wired, The Good Enough Revolution
The Long Tail, Chris Anderson
Free, Chris Anderson
Video: Gary Vaynerchuk: Legacy is Greater Than Currency
NY Times Magazine, Goosing the Grey Lady
NY Times - When Data Struts Its Stuff
Video: Evan Smith - Texas Tribune

Video: Bill Gates Biography Channel - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Video: Game Changers - Steve Jobs
Video: Welcome to Macintosh

Fast Company
South By Southwest Interactive - check out TXST grad coverage at sxtxstate.com
MIT Technology Review
Wired Magazine

Web Hosting
Dot Easy - http://www.doteasy.com/
AVA Host - http://www.avahost.net/
Yahoo/Geocities - http://geocities.yahoo.com/

GNU manifesto - gnu.org - philosophy of Free Software Movement
Gimp.org - free download of Photoshop-like software mentioned by Lindsay.

Eldred v. Ashcroft Web site - copyright case
Lawrence Lessig's homepage
Crash Course in Copyright
Copyright Presentation - Laura Stein

Online Journalism Awards - Presented by the Online News Association
& Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

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Software Downloads
TSU Software - TSU offers free downloads of popular anti-virus, firewalls, and utilities like Fetch and WS-FTP

Cyberduck - FTP Program for Mac Users
http://www.download.com/Cyberduck/3000-2151_4-10246246.html - program we use in class.

WS-FTP LE version - - for Windows users.

Fetch - FTP Program for Mac Users
http://fetchsoftworks.com/ - click on Educational/Charitable and fill out form to get free access

Web Development Applications and Software
Adobe Products -

Dreamweaver - Web editing and publishing tool

Flash - Create animated movies for Web sites

Photoshop - Image editing software, manipulate photo images or create Web graphics with filters and effects

Microsoft Products -

Frontpage - Web authoring and site management

Internet Explorer - premiere Web browser

Apple Products -

iMovie - Video editing software

Quicktime and Quicktime Pro- Media player and media editing software

Sound Recorder - Audio Editing

Development Application Comparison

US vs. Microsoft Case Filings

Web Law FAQ

W3 Schools Browser and Monitor Stats

Bandwidth Comparison Chart - from Dr. Chapman's Internet and Public Policy Course (LBJ School)

How Search Engines Work

How the Web Works

Nerds 2.0.1-Timeline (PBS)

Hobbes Internet Timeline

Tim Berners-Lee Web site

Worldwide Web Consortium

Bare Bones Guide to HTML

Yahoo/Geocities Web Site hosting

ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

ASCII for special characters

Animation Factory - free clip art and animations

UT Images of Campus

Public Domain Images


HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Names

Multimedia Journalism Course Web site - Web site for Rosental Alves J334 course. Many interesting links to resources on this site.