Course Outline and Assigned Readings

June 2

Introductions and course content

Fast Company
South By Southwest Interactive - check out our coverage at
MIT Technology Review
Wired Magazine

Purpose and structure of course

Intro to Wordpress

Lab: Video - History of Internet and Web, Part I


June 3

Intro and Chapter 1 - We Are All Web Workers Now

Lab: History of Internet and Web, Part II


June 6

Chapter 2: Blogging

Review Poynter New Media Timeline

Computer Networks: The Herald's of Resource Sharing - actual video describing Internet in 1972

Lab: HTML5 Concepts/Exercise


June 7

Chapter 3: Crowd-Powered Collaboration
Chapter 4: Microblogging

Lab: CSS3 Concepts/Exercise



June 8

Chapter 5: Mobile

Lab: Work on HTML5/CSS3 Exercise


Lab Exercise HTML5/CSS3 Exercise due

June 9

Chapter 6: Visual Storytelling with Photographs

Lab: Video Social Networks



June 10

Media Day - find 2 photo stories. Shoot photos for use in stories next week

June 13

Intro to our Wordpress installation

Examples of Photo Stories

Lab: Photoshop Handout

June 14

The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson, Wired, October 2004
Free, by Chris Anderson, Wired,

Lab: Work on Photo Slideshow

Photo slideshow project due
June 15

Flash vs. HTML5 - The Future?
Flash and Standards on the Web - A List Apart
HTML5 vs. Flash - Webocalypse Now - Eric Meyer Presentation
HTML5 vs. Flash - The Battle for Rich Media -

Lab: Work on Photo Slideshow in Flash



June 16

Chapter 7 - Making audio journalism “visible”

Lab: Work on Photo Slideshow in Flash

Flash Slideshow due
June 17


Media Day - Photos for audio story

June 20

Audio Slideshow Examples

Lab: Creating audio for your slideshows with GarageBand

June 21

Using Final Cut to create an audio slideshow

Lab: Work on Audio Slideshow

June 22


Lab: Work on Audio Slideshow

June 23

Read: Chapter 8: Telling Stories with Video

Lab: Using an HD Camcorder

Audio slideshow due
June 24

Media Day Video

June 27

Video examples

Adam Bender
Blog post w links
Marathon Stories
NY Times Multimedia
Washington Post Photos and Video
On Being
Being a Black Man
Ivory Wars -watch starting at 5:05-6:47

Other Places for Multimedia Inspiration Great Work Gallery
Media Storm

Lab: Video Editing with Final Cut Pro

June 28

Lab: Work on Video Project

June 29

Converting Audio (using MPEG Streamclip) handout

Lab: Work on Video project

June 30

Lab: Work on Video project

Video project due - character-driven narrative
July 1

Using Data To Tell Stories

Read: Journalism Next Chapter 9: Data-driven Journalism

Find a data source to use in a data story

NY Times Magazine, Goosing the Grey Lady

NY Times - When Data Struts Its Stuff - Interview with Adrian Holovaty



July 4

Independence Day Holiday

July 5

Data story examples

Toxic Waters - NY Times

Test Scores - NY Times


Census Map

MSNBC Bridge Tracker

Casino Map - Las Vegas Sun

Living with Less Wordtrain - NY Times

Hillary Clinton First Lady Schedules

Evan Smith - Texas Tribune video from

Lab: Google Fusion Tables and Charts/Visualizations

July 6

Read: Journalism Next Chapter 10: Managing News as a Conversation

Read: Journalism Next Chapter 11: Building a Digital Audience for News

Lab: Work on Data Project

July 7

Future Trends - Gowalla, Foursquare, Facebook Places, OpenSocial, Open Graph, Net Neutrality, Cloud Computing, Data Visualizations
Long Live the Web, by Tim Berners-Lee

Analyzing Data is the Future for Journalists
Go With Disney on Gowalla
Behind Foursquare and Gowalla: The Great Checkin Battle - Wired UK
How to Drive Traffic with Facebook Deals - PC World

Pew Internet - 4% of Americans Use Location Services

The Daily Show, From Here to Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?
Net Neutrality in the Shower?
Cloud Computing in Plain English

Lab: Work on Data Project

July 8

Wrap up and questions

Lab: Work on Data Project

Data project due